Shal Marshall

shal-marshallUpon meeting Stephenson ‘Shal’ Marshall for the first time, persons usually react with “wow he’s got a great personality.” From hanging out with his close friends to delivering commanding performances on big-stages across the globe; Shal’s easy going charismatic persona has been credited for much of his success.

With over 15 active years experience in the entertainment industry, this 30 year-old all rounder has secured many professional titles including: Radio Personality, Television Host, Promoter, Master of Ceremonies and now Soca Artist to name a few.

Shal’s career began as a DJ with the Jugglers Sound System where he quickly developed into one of the most prolific DJs in the industry. His passion for music and interacting with people when combined with his unique trademark voice, led to him landing his own radio program on the ever-popular 96.1WEFM radio station where he has been for the last seven years.

During this period, Shal’s diversity became well known when he entered the television arena as host of a carnival program called, The Net; fans were now able to put a face to the voice. As a result of its success, the program was evolved into the weekly hit series ‘Friday Night Live’ on Synergy Tv, where to this day he retains the position of host.
As the quest to develop into a household name continues, Shal is now making waves in the Soca arena and is already considered a well respected soca artist who has energized soca fans worldwide. In just a few years he has quickly moved up the ranks and has worked with the likes of the queen of soca herself- Destra Garcia, Canadian based Kerwin Dubois, fellow television host Supperjigga TC, Screws, and Swappi amongst others.

His musical offerings to date include many hit collaborations such as:

Love Somebody with Destra Garcia
“Gal Farm “with Kerwin Dubois
“Bum Bum Ville ”
“Police” with Screws
“3D Wine “with Swappi
“Defend it- Doh Drag D Flag”
“We Pumping “with Umi Marcano
“Celebrate Life” with Kevon Carter
“Wine yuh Body”
“Type ah Wine”
“Yeah “with Nadia Batson

2012 promises to be another great year..So look forward to new music from the artiste Shal Marshall