Schools Soca Monarch Participation Rules

  1. All citizens of Trinidad and Tobago attending secondary schools (Government/Private) are eligible for entry
  2. Each school is allowed to register up to three (3) students
  3. Contestants should be between the ages of ten and nineteen (10-19) years of age
  4. Backup singers should be students of a recognized Trinidad & Tobago secondary school and no more than19 years of age
  5. An instrumental CD to accompany the lead singer should be provided at the preliminary stage (without singer’s voice, but back-up singers are permitted.).
  6. Contestants are urged to avoid vulgar lyrics, body language and/or signs in their performances. This will result in disqualification.
  7. Contestants are encouraged to exclude renditions that may be deemed defamatory either through characterization, lyrics, body language or signs. This will also result in disqualification
  8. Fire products and other incendiary props should be excluded from performances
  9. Adult support or accompaniment is allowed only with prior written permission
  10. Competitors are encouraged to assist management in curbing the crowding of the backstage area with supporters
  11. The judging criteria is as follows:
  • Melody: Suitability/Appropriateness/phrasing [25 Pts.]
  • Rendition: Intonation/Clarity of Diction/Enunciation/Articulation [20 Pts.]
  • Lyrics: Creativity/Descriptiveness/Metering/ Rhyming Scheme/ Clarity of Message/Thematic Development [25 Pts.]
  • Arrangement: Musical Acc/ Soca Genre or Idiom/Soca Form [15 Pts.]
  • Performance: Visual Impact/Body Language Use of Stage/Use of Props etc. [15 Pts.]
  1. Contestants are encouraged to report to the Stage Manager at least forty-five (45) minutes before his/her scheduled performance to avoid a late penalty
  2. Contests are asked to maintain their selected position of performance.
  3. Contestants are urged to incorporate no more than ten (10) supporting persons on stage during their performance.
  4. Contestants are asked to lead all supporting performers/props etc. out of the restricted back stage area immediately after their performance.
  5. Contestants are required to walk with their own refreshments. Glass bottles are not allowed.
  6. Inciting violence, damaging the facilities or any such act, will lead to disqualification and parties will be reported to the relevant authorities
  7. Contestants shall make themselves available for live audio and visual broadcast, delayed broadcast, as promotional material directly related to the competition
  8. Songs should be no more than six (6) minutes long
  9. The length of the time allotted for artistes to be on stage is eight (8) minutes
  10. Acceptable pre-recorded music for the Semi-final is the responsibility of each artiste
  11. Please make every attempt to respect competition deadlines
  12. Participants should ensure that their School Principals sign their registration forms
  13. Schools are encouraged to make a mutual commitment to supporting their participants as only well supported competitors will be rewarded