1. Guidelines/Rules for “International Soca Monarch” category are as follows:
    a. An Artiste/contestant can enter a maximum of two (2) songs into the competition.
    b. An Artiste/contestant can enter “The Competition” as a solo act, duet or group.
    c. The registration fee is TT$300.
    d. Soca songs must be original and never before entered into competition in Trinidad and Tobago prior
    to 2018.
    e. At the preliminary stage, the submission of properly produced Media (songs) will be collated for
    adjudication purposes in accordance to the sequence at registration.
    f. Only registered Media (songs) will be adjudicated. A five (5) member panel of qualified adjudicators
    will judge headed by a Chief Judge who has the responsibility to manage and guide the other judges.
    g. The criteria by which songs will be judged in preliminary rounds of the International Soca Monarch
    are:Lyrics = 40 Melody = 30 Arrangement = 30h. The criteria by which songs will be judged in Semi-Finals and Finals of the International Soca Monarch
    are:Melody = 25% Arrangement = 20% Lyrics = 20%
    Performance = 20% Crowd Response = 15%

    i. The judges reserve the right to determine the length of each song (verses and chorus) to be adjudicated
    in the preliminary round of the competition.
    j. A CPF official shall contact any Artiste/contestant who qualifies for the Semi-Finals Competition.
    k. A CPF official shall contact any Artiste/contestant who qualifies for the Finals Competition.

  2. Items required in order for registration to be considered complete:a. Bio-sketch (no more than 250 words)
    b. National identification (ID Card, Driver’s Permit or Passport)
    c. Music CD or flash-drive with the maximum of two (2) songs.
    d. Registration Fees ($300)
    e. Completed registration form
    f. Promotional Photos (head and full body shot)Everything listed with the exception of the Registration Fees, can be submitted either in person to the CPF
    office at 27 Carlos Street, Port of Spain or, via e-mail at:
  3. All cash earnings attained in the Finals of “The Competition” are subject to a five (5) percent contribution
    towards the administration of “The Competitions”. This is non-negotiable. This percentage shall be deducted
    from the total cash earnings before payment to the Finalists. Should the Government of Trinidad & Tobago
    make payment of the earnings directly to the Artiste, the Artiste is required to make payment of this five (5)
    percent to CPF within ten (10) working days of receiving same from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.
  4. Should an artiste win the Title of International Soca Monarch, the said artiste can execute the option to not
    defend the title in subsequent editions of the event for which they are adjudged the winner.
  5. Upon submitting an entry into “The Competition”, the Artiste/entrant agrees to by action, words or implication,
    not to behave in a manner that would bring “The Competition”, Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the
    Performing Arts or members of the Board of Directors, into disrepute locally or internationally.
  6. Any Artiste qualifying to compete in the Final stage of “The Competition” will be required to attend the Prize
    Distribution Ceremony, once that Artiste is in Trinidad and Tobago. If however, the Artiste is out of the country
    on the day of the Prize Distribution Ceremony, he/she will be required to select a representative (Manager/A&R
    personnel) to stand-in on his/her behalf.
  7. Any Artiste registered for “The Competition” agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, Caribbean
    Prestige Foundation for the Performing Arts from and against any claim, demand, cause of action, liability, loss
    or expense arising from injury to or death of persons or from damage to or loss of property arising directly out
    of Artiste’s performance during the International Soca Monarch Competition.
  8. Management reserves the right to amend the rules and guidelines of “The Competition” (International Soca
    Monarch and Breakout Artiste categories) to further benefit the development of the Soca Art form.