Mr. Chucky

chuckyBorn Roderick Gordon, entertainer Mr. Chucky, who is presently a 3rd yr student at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business UWI, is pursuing a Masters degree in Human Resource Management, where the 24 year old is due to graduate in the year 2011.

Singing consistently for the past eight years, Chucky participated in a number of junior calypso competitions, including the National Calypso Monarch and NACC Pathfinders competition while at secondary school concluding his A’ Level study.

In 2004 he placed 4th in the National Junior Calypso Monarch, won the pathfinders competition and a number of other smaller competitions. Also in that year Chucky took part in the schools parang festival, where he won the Best male vocalist title.

In 2005 he entered the senior calypso realm, where he succeeded in qualifying for the Semi-finals of the National Calypso Monarch. In this same year he was a Young King finalist, won the Tunapuna and Laventille calypso monarchs, placed 4th in the Stars of Tomorrow competition, and was a member of the Kaiso Karavan calypso tent. Heavily involved in culture, Chucky took park in The Prime Minister’s Best Village Competition 2005 with the Barataria Community Council, where he won the best male vocalist title and the best all-round performer award in the folk theater category.

His involvement in this competition continued when he joined the cast for the Malick Folk performing company in 2006 in the production entitled ‘The Journey’. It is there he blossomed into an all round performer where he won the best-all round performer for the second consecutive year. Also with Malick in the following year Chucky was able to capture the best male vocalist title for the second time in the play ‘Canboulay’ which also featured in Queens Hall in January of 2008. When the company brought the Pearl Springer play to life for the second time in February of that year, Chucky gained some recognition in the theater fraternity for his performance as the lead character, Roi, the champion stick fighter.

The calypso fraternity was also forced to take special notice of Chucky in 2006. He proved that he was here to stay making history by becoming the second youngest person, at the age of 19, to become a National Calypso Monarch finalist. He also placed 5th in the Young Kings competition, 4th in the Stars of Tomorrow competition, and won the Tunapuna Monarch for a second consecutive time. Chucky also made his first ever venture into the soca arena with his debut hit “See You,” which allowed him to place third in the International Groovy Monarch competition and gave him the opportunity to perform in a number of parties and fetes. As a result of such an outstanding season, Chucky was nominated as a best new male artist at the International Soca Awards in New York.

The young calypsonian who has successfully bridged Soca and Calypso, captured the first runner up position in the 2007 International Groovy Soca Monarch competition after Bajan entertainer Biggie Irie, inadvertently becoming the 2007 T&T Groovy Soca Monarch with his hit song ‘Turn Around’. Apart from his success in the Soca Monarch Competition that year, Chucky also managed to capture the Stars of Tomorrow title as well as become the 1st runner up in the Young Kings Competition.

Chucky has no intention of being boxed in by names like calypsonian or soca artist or even best village actor, as he has continuously explored other ways to further establish himself as an entertainer. Thus, he chose to further his involvement in the arts by joining the Creative Arts Centre in their feature cacique award winning 2008 production of ‘Bitter Cassava’. Chucky also accompanied the Carifesta contingent in 2008 to Guyana as one of the lead characters (Bembeh) in the play Ogun Ayan. For Carifesta Chucky also represented his country as a solo artist by performing on various stages in Guyana. Once again showing what a versatile artist and entertainer he is, Chucky fully embraced the Pan Soca/ Calypso arena with the hit “Thunder Coming”. This song dominated the Panorama and was voted as the Pan Song of the year 2008.

In 2009 Chucky celebrated another successful carnival season by proceeding to the National Calypso Monarch Semi-Final with the composition “Mud Glorious Mud”. In this same year yet another milestone in Chucky’s career was his addition to the cast of Tuco’s flagship tent, The Kaiso House. Add to this a fourth consecutive trip to the Semis of the Groovy Soca Monarch with the track titled “First Wine” and a number of victories at smaller competitions and most would rest satisfied with a good years work. Chucky however was just getting started. He displayed even more versatility with his role in the play “Dance Me Lover”. This performance once again placed the young entertainer at the heart of history making since this was the first ever command performance at the National Academy for the Performing Arts.

Two thousand and ten proved to another outstanding year for the young starlet as he once again ascended to the Finals of both the National Calypso Monarch (Dimanche Gras) and the Groovy Soca Monarch with his popular song ‘Driffin’. He placed 5TH in the latter, topping some of the more famed artiste in the industry.

Chucky continues to be heavily involved in all areas and levels of T&T culture with high quality contributions across the board. It is no wonder then that Chucky is being touted as a future stalwart and icon in this nation’s culture. In the year 2011 Chucky was back with the flagship tent Kaiso House and placed 5th in the International Groovy Soca Monarch with his hit song ‘My Bad Ting’ which happened to be one of the most well received songs of the year.