Terencia “TC” Coward-Thompson

tcAdmired by her peers for her powerful voice and captivating stage presence, Lenette Terencia Coward-Thompson sobriquet “TC” recently created history by becoming Barbados’ first ever Sweet Soca Monarch in 2009. Later on that day; if that wasn’t enough; TC created history once more by winning the 2009 Party Monarch competition pulling off a historic double at Farley Hill National Park with the same song “Hot Sun & Riddim”.

Enthusiasm and dedication for her work, teamed with a professional approach help to make TC a success in her chosen field of entertainment. What started more than 30 years ago in the school choir has now turned out to be a long and rewarding career. During her illustrious career TC can boast of mega hits like “Jammers” and “Kim” the largest selling single to come out of Barbados in its history.

This versatile artiste is also known for her riveting renditions of R&B, Jazz, Reggae and is a powerhouse in the Calypso arena! Also known for her impeccable renditions of Social Commentary; she has been dubbed the “People Queen” with a successful track record of fifteen (15) years singing Calypso in Barbados and fourteen (14) years consecutively in the Calypso finals………simply amazing!

This talented performer continues to make her mark on the entertainment industry locally, regionally and internationally. TC is no overnight success story; T.C. will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the leading female calypso greats not only in Barbados but in the Caribbean.