National Cultural Foundation

‘Awesome, unforgettable, amazing’, just some of the superlatives used by persons who have experienced Crop Over, the summer’s sweetest festival. Every year from the first week in July to the first week in August Barbados sways to the sounds of Calypso and its people open their homes to visitors to join with them and don a costume to jump in the bliss. The festival is a treasure chest of fetes, community spectacles, calypso tents, steel pan events, street fairs and the re-enactment of traditional practices. All this is organized by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF).

The NCF does more than just Crop Over, it is the nerve centre for most things that are cultural in Barbados. From its inception in 1984 the organization has been responsible for the training and direction of thousands of artists involved in the performing arts, drama, literary arts, fine arts, film and photography, culinary arts and the visual arts. In November coinciding with the island’s independence, the biggest cultural showcase NIFCA displays the work of the cadre of talented artists.

The NCF stimulates the diversity and vibrancy of Barbados’ cultural landscape, ever supportive of the burgeoning Cultural Industries.

In the spirit of ‘Cultural Development’, the National Cultural Foundation salutes the tireless work of Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the Performing Arts in fostering an environment in which ALL artists from Trinidad and the wider Caribbean can hone and display their skills.

2009 – Khiomal Nurse
2010 – Terencia “TC” Coward-Thompson
2011 – Anderson Blood Armstrong