Tian Winter

tian-winterTIAN WINTER is a 24 year old Antiguan born artist, highly motivated and confident that he is capable of generating further and increased demand for Antigua and Caribbean music from international audiences. He has a unique ability of infusing popular and R&B singing styles into contemporary Caribbean rhythms creating a musical product that excites most listeners into dancing and celebration.

TIAN started performing at an early age. At 10 years of age, he knew he could sing. He had heard it from family, teachers and friends. At 18 years of age, he knew that singing would be his career and committed himself to the daunting task of developing his artistry and his regional and international appeal. But first, he knew he had to please and then conquer local audiences and critics.

TIAN has spent the last 5 years honing his talents and is presently considered one of the most exciting and appealing male singers on the nightclub circuit in Antigua. He has performed with the bands Da Bhann and Lejah during the 2005-2007 Carnival celebrations and is presently featured, alongside his Nu Edition bandmates, at the Rush Nightclub/Madison Casino, Sandals Hotel, Shirley’s Heights and the Coast Restaurant/Bar & Nightclub among others. He is equally comfortable on the ‘big’ stage, claiming the 2nd runner up position in the first staging of the 2007 Antigua Groovy Soca Monarch competition with a song entitled“Best in Me”.

TIAN’s breakthrough came in 2008 when he recorded with some of the Caribbean’s finest writers and producers including Mr. Dwain Antrobus of Barbados (Alison Hinds, Edwin Yearwood, Patrice Roberts, Machel Montano, Biggie Irie), Antigua’s very own Gavin Christopher and Craig Christopher (Claudette Peters, Da Bhann, Kevin Lyttle) and Mr. Kernal Roberts of Trinidad (Destra Garcia, Claudette Peters, Machel Montano, Patrice Roberts). From those recording sessions came a string of hits including “Heaven” – with which he placed 1strunner-up in the 2008 Groovy Soca Monarch Competition – a remake of the King Obstinate classic “Shiny Eyes”, “Want it Bad” and “End of Time”.

In 2009, Tian placed his stamp on Antigua’s Carnival and made it clear that he was indeed one of the brightest young artists on the scene in the Caribbean. In April, he hit the recording studios again with some of the Caribbean’s finest and this time he was joined by Trinidadian Soca Diva Patrice Roberts to record the smash hit “Bump and Grind”. Other songs which took Antigua by storm include “Gimme a Taste”, “Baby I” and”Soca Rebels”. The rest is now written in the history books.

After placing 2nd runner up and 1st runner up in Antigua’s Groovy Soca Monarch competitions in 2007 and 2008 respectively as stated, Tian finally took the crown in 2009, whilst also taking the Jumpy Soca Monarch crown as well. His renditions of ‘Soca Rebels’ in the Jumpy category and ‘Baby I’ in the groovy category were clear crowd favourites, as he also captured the LIME Peoples Choice Awards for both categories. ‘Soca Rebels’ also placed 1st runner up in the race for road march, whilst ‘Bump & Grind’, was one of the most requested and played songs during the carnival season.

TIAN’s future remains bright and with God and his family and friends at his side, there is only one direction that this young artist is going – and that’s to the very top!!!