Soca Tourism

Soca – n. A style of music, originating in the West Indies, that is a blend of soul and calypso.

Tourism – Tourism is travel for predominantly recreational or leisure purposes or the provision of services to support this leisure travel.

Together these words coin a term that is the only way to express the extent in which the International Soca Monarch Competition unites the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Borders have been become void due to the vision of the driving forces behind the International Soca Monarch Competition. Soca Tourism is a Caribbean united, by all that Soca stands for and all that Soca encompasses.

Each Year the International Soca Monarch attracts and contributes to the tourism in Trinidad and Tobago. The competition has successfully stamped its name in our festive carnival season. Tourists from far and wide come just to be a part of ‘Fantastic Friday’. The International Soca Monarch competition is the only stage where anyone has a chance of dethroning the best in the industry from any country as artistes International and Regional all vie for the chance to be the one to represent their Country from this esteemed position.

The International Soca Monarch has evolved so that reigning Monarchs regionally all have the chance to be a part of this show.  The Monarchs not only bring their raw electrifying talent on the night of the show but also their supporters, from Government officials to the average fan; everyone wants to be a part of the excitement and thus Soca Tourism is fulfilled.

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