school-soca-monarch-logoTop athletes start training before they can spell the word athletes; top dancers don’t begin practicing much older than that either. Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the Performing Arts believes that top soca artistes should be should be no different, like any great performer their talent should be recognized as early as possible and nurtured so that it can reach its fullest potential. This why the National Schools Soca Monarch is so important, serving to develop the talent of local youth from ages as early as seven up to eighteen.

Established in 1999; the competition has been holding workshops over the years to teach students the art of soca including: lyrical content, musical arrangement and even stage performances, all in an effort to produce world class soca artistes. Fortunately, these efforts have not been in vain as a number of former winners such as Patrice Roberts and Keegan Taylor are have risen to become some of the most successful soca artistes in Trinidad and Trinidad.

Nine Years

  • National Schools Soca Monarch Winners
  • 2000 Keegan Taylor Presentation College
  • 2001 Patrice Roberts Toco Composite
  • 2002 Aisha Samuel Success Laventile Composite
  • 2003 Marcel Bennet St. Xaviers Primary School
  • 2004 Jermeeka Mundy Tranquility Secondary School
  • 2005 Orlando Octave Rio Claro College
  • 2006 Marcel Bennet Holy Cross College
  • 2007 Marcel Bennet Holy Cross College
  • 2008 Erphaan Alves St George’s College
  • 2009 Erphaan Alves St George’s College