Soca Monarch 2016 Changes


International Soca Monarch makes moves to put SOCA FIRST


  •  oca Monarch celebrates 24 years in 2016.
  • A mentoring program that pairs seasoned Soca entertainers with up-coming talent from the National Schools Soca Monarch Competition.
  • Both Groovy and Power categories will be fused into one show.
  • There will be one Monarch crowned as The International Soca Monarch 2016.
  • Fifteen artistes selected from the semi finals, one Breakout Artiste and the two Wild Card artistes will perform in the finals.
  •  The International Soca Monarch Grand Finals on Fantastic Friday will not have a live broadcast.
  • The International Soca Monarch Finals will be recorded, edited and packaged and aired on CNC3 on Carnival Saturday as a fully produced show.
  • The final results of the competition will be announced as part of the televised show on Carnival Saturday.
  • Special prizes will be introduced for writers, producers and presentation.
  • The International Soca Monarch 2016 Finals will be a competition show.
  • The changes will create a much tighter, streamlined show that will be easier to manage and to enjoy.
  • The produced TV format for broadcast will make the international distribution of the broadcast much more achievable, as it will now fit the formats TV, cable and pay per view channels desire.
  • Training and Development in 2016 will include two workshops “Understanding the Business of Music” and “Song Writing”.