Soca Monarch 2016 Artiste Forum


International Soca Monarch makes moves to put SOCA FIRST

At the International Soca Monarch Artist Forum, Chairman of Caribbean Prestige Foundation Peter Scoon announced some major changes to the annual Soca Competition. During the forum, which was held at The Hyatt Regency Port of Spain, some of the 2016 plans were revealed to well-known contestants such as Blaxx, Sekon Sta, Cassie, Lil Bits and Chuck G to name a few.

Before the revelation of the changes, the artistes in attendance enjoyed informative presentations designed to offer helpful insights. Entertainment Lawyer Lloyd Stanbury gave an overview of the music industry in his presentation “Managing the Business Aspects of Music”, while Chief Adjudicator Josephine Torrel discussed the judging criteria as it relates to their performances.

The most interesting announcement of the evening was the removal of the Groovy and Power categories, which takes the show back to its original format. This is a move that the Chairman reasons will allow the artistes to go back to focusing on creating good music without being restricted or concerned about BPM groupings. “When you think about it, it’s just beats per minute really. In the end, it’s all Soca” said the passionate Chairman.

Another announcement that gained a lot of attention was the decision to move from a live broadcast to a recorded show. The chairman reasoned “Creating a slick production will allow us not only to provide great entertainment, but will put the show in a format that is more in keeping with what TV and cable stations are looking for. We are already in talks with the government to help promote it so we can put it on cable stations all over the world. Soca needs the exposure.” For the first time ever, the event will be recorded, edited and packaged for TV and Pay per View, then aired on national television via one of the event’s main sponsors CNC3. With this new format, the results of the competition will not be announced on Fantastic Friday, but instead the announcement will be presented as part of the television broadcast on Carnival Saturday night. However, the Semi-Finals Soca Picnic event will still be featured live.

Other upgrades featured the introduction of special prizes for writing, music production and presentation, plus a mentoring program that pairs top Soca Monarch performers with the National Schools Soca Monarch contestants