Ronnie McIntosh

Ronnie McIntosh was very much influenced by his father master arranger/musician Arthur DeCoteau (1928–1987) who worked with among many others, Shadow, Sparrow, Lord Kitchener Ras shorty I and arguably one of the preeminent musical arranger for most of the artists in Trinidad and Tobago during the 1960’s on wards. “He got me involved in music at the tender age of seven” Ronnie recalls and dad started me off playing percussion in the calypso tents.”

At the age of 21 he joined Chandelier, which later changed its name to Massive Chandelier. He played percussion with the group. It was not until the vocalists left that he volunteered to take up the spot as a singer. They were one of the biggest bands back in the day with a huge following and Massive Chandelier  went through some changes with members, Ronnie became the replacement  for Carl and Carol Jacobs as the bands’s lead vocalist.”

For over a decade, McIntosh was the frontman of the band. Recording his first track “As long as I get it ah happy ” in 1987, “Shaking it” and “Do what you want” in 1988 and 1989 respectively.

Whilst with Massive Chandelier Ronnie also had various hits like “Whoa Donkey” in 1993 and “On de Road” in 1995 which earned him the winning title of Soca Monarch. He left the group and joined Blue Ventures in 1996, presenting tracks like “Ent” which earned him the 1997 Soca Monarch title tying with Super Blue followed by “How it go look” in 1998.

Continuing his musical exploration,  Ronnie joined Atlantik, producing hit songs “Biting Insects and “Run” in 2002. He was also instrumental in introducing Destra Garcia to Atlantik.
In 2004, he left the group and performed with Island Vibe for a year, before slipping out of the soca scene altogether. 

The time also allowed him the opportunity to develop his own businesses which was the  birth of a chain of clothing stores along with his wife Caro.   Ronnie and Caro The Mas Band, began with Caro’s crafty  eye for fashion as she found ways to design  her own costumes with a sense of individuality accessorizing  unique pieces with splendor, this proved to be her niche. The husband / wife duo created sections for Masquerade from 2004 to 2006 and Legacy mas band 2006 to 2007 before branching out on their own.