Khiomal Nurse


khiomal--barbadosKhiomal, like no other young male artiste in the history of Barbados, has made it directly to the 1999 Pic-O-De Crop Finals at the age of 17 performing “Children Get up” and “Rise Barbados Rise”. He has also achieved the Honour of being the youngest Pic-O-De Crop Finalist in 1999, Youngest Party Monarch Finalist in 2001 and 2002, three times Pinelands Monarch and 1998 Junior Calypso Monarch.

Since then Khiomal has developed into a dynamic performer, bringing energy and charisma to every stage where he performs. This has resulted in his recruitment into Barbados’ top performing group krosfyah in 2001. Following that, he became the youngest Road March Winner in Barbados for Cop Over 2001, with the mega hit “Sak Pase” which led to steady success beyond usual expectations. He also won Barbados’ 2008 Party Monarch Title with the Tune “Unleash de Beast”.

Khiomal has a mission of educating and exposing the world to our Barbadian music and culture and is currently enjoying major success with his band krosfyah, throughout the Caribbean, Europe and the USA.

The following is a list of some of the territories where he has visited:
USA – Miami/ New York/ Boston/ New Jersey/Philadelphia/ Washington/ Texas/
CANADA – Toronto/ Montreal
EUROPE – England/ Amsterdam/ / Holland/ Belgium/
SOUTH AMERICA – Guyana/ Suriname
CARIBBEAN – Bermuda/ Bahamas/ Cayman Islands/ Jamaica/ Aruba/Curacao/ St. Croix/St. Thomas/Antigua & Barbuda/ Dominica/ Martinique/ St. Lucia/Grenada/St. Vincent/Trinidad & Tobago/ St. Kitts & Nevis/ Anguilla/ Tortola / Virgin Gorda

Khiomal appeals to audiences worldwide; spanning ethnic, social, religious, and economic barriers. Khiomal whose on-stage performance matches and even surpasses world famous artiste, has proven himself as one of Barbados most talented performers.