Farmer Nappy


Acclaimed Trinidadian singer and songwriter Darryl “Farmer Nappy” Henry celebrates over 30
years in the soca music industry and his rich legacy continues to grow. He ended last year on a high
note as he was crowned with the “Calypso of the Year” award for his blockbuster groovy soca hit
“Big People Party,” from the National Action Cultural Committee (NACC) in Macoya, Trinidad in
December, 2014. Farmer, as his fans affectionately know him, enjoyed the best year of his enduring
and prolific career in 2014, having placed second runner up in the International Groovy Soca
Monarch and Road March competitions during the Trinidad Carnival season. As he enters the new
season, with a slew of new hits already enjoying heavy rotation and fanfare, Farmer embarks on a
new journey as he steps out of his longtime HD Band and stands in his own, hard-earned and muchdeserved spotlight.

Adding to his legacy, Farmer’s loyalty runs deep enough to be the last standing member of the
‘original’ Xtatik band (soca star Machel Montano’s former band). Having spent most of his career
playing an integral role in Montano’s more recent HD Band, Farmer now stakes his claim as an
international solo act, with two internationally-acclaimed albums under his belt and a kaleidoscope
of new hits on the way.

He enjoyed massive success with his first worldwide-released album You Make Me…Surrender in
2012 and again in 2014 with Big People Party, both released by his own label CountryLife
Entertainment, with international distribution by FOX FUSE. From his immense catalog, fan
favorites include “Big People Party,” “Chippin,’” “Surrender,” “You Make Me,” “Stranger,” and
“Family.” Those songs along with his new smash hit “My House,” as well “In Trouble” featuring
Alison Hinds, “Doh Find Me Rude” and “Loosen De Chain” for the upcoming 2015 Trinidad
Carnival season, continue to earn him respect from the industry and fans alike, as the voice of the
groovy soca genre.

Farmer Nappy shot to international fame when he was voted as MTV Iggy’s “Artist of the Week” in
March 2012, following a weeklong voting contest that placed him against other artists around the
world. You Make Me…Surrender was also reviewed by the international music site and received an
incredible 4 out of 5 stars, gaining him critical acclaim in the mainstream music industry. His single
“Surrender” further broke barriers as the renowned New Yorker Magazine streamed it for their
mainstream audience to vibe to what they termed as “a comprehensive sound of the Caribbean.”

Farmer Nappy scored his breakout hit with “Chippin’” (With Meh Own Woman) eight years ago.
Composed in Trinidad and produced in Barbados by De Red Boyz, “Chippin’” became a mega
single within the global soca community. It went on to win “Groovy Song of the Year” at the 2008
COTT Awards in Trinidad and was also nominated for “Song of the Year.” Since then, Farmer has
concentrated more on himself as a performing artist, pleasing his fans with his consistent, signature
groovy flows and high-energy performances. Together, Farmer and De Red Boyz have teamed up to
produce some memorable hits along the way, including “Chippin,” “Flirt,” “Surrender,” “Minglin,”
“Stranger,” “Addiction,” and “Big People Party,” as well as all of his new hits for the upcoming

First building his repertoire as an instrumentalist and songwriter with the Xtatik band, Farmer
Nappy formed a brotherly bond with lead singer Machel Montano, which goes back to the inception
of Pranasonic Express, the younger boy-band. At the tender age of seven, Farmer embarked on his
musical journey by playing percussion in the young band, which later grew to be Xtatik. As the
band evolved, Farmer emerged as an award-winning, multi-talented songwriter. He wrote and cowrote
some of the biggest hits in Xtatik’s catalog. He dipped his ink in numerous recognizable hits,
including “Big Truck,” “Music Farm,” “Tayee Ayee,” “Crowded,” “No Carnival”, “UFO,” “Big
Phat Fish,” “Low Riders”, “Water Flowing,” “Junkyard” and “Granny,” just to name a few. Farmer
won the award for “Best Songwriter” in 1998 for “Footsteps,” which also won Road March that
year. His time with the various bands and working with Montano enabled Farmer to tour the world
for over 30 years, and allowed him to sow his soca seeds to all corners of the world.

As the 2015 Trinidad Carnival season commences, Farmer Nappy is set to continue his tradition of
delivering the very best that groovy soca music has to offer, and in fact, he has become an
international ambassador for the genre and also for Trinidad and Tobago. He is also the face of
Monster Energy Drinks in Trinidad, after they contracted him to represent the energy of the drink on
his musical stage, a year ago. Further expanding on his repertoire, Farmer was also approached by
the famed steel pan band Exodus Steel Orchestra to provide vocals for their new release “De Puna
Band,” for the upcoming carnival season. The collaboration was produced by Pelham Goddard and
Gregory “GB” Ballantyne, and perfectly captures the essence of Farmer Nappy – a groovy soca
artist with incredible longevity, who flawlessly achieves the rare feat of connecting to today’s soca
audience with popular rhymes and rhythms, while also staying deeply planted in his calypso roots –
the soul of soca. In fact, Farmer Nappy is arguably the soul of groovy soca music and there is no
surprise his success continues and he is celebrated by his country and soca fans, globally.