Breaking News: Soca Monarch Rule Change

In keeping with its new strategic direction which aims to ensure the sustainability of the International Soca Monarch (ISM) franchise, and to promote the growth of the Soca music industry, the Board of Executives has agreed to change some rules governing the competition. In this regard, the Executive has decided to amend rule 2.6 of the contract which lays out the obligations of the reigning monarch.

From 2015 onward, the reigning monarch(s) in each competition will not be required to defend their title(s) however they will still be obligated to perform all other aspects of the contract including maintaining the integrity of the brand, making promotional appearances on behalf of the franchise and to actively promote the ISM competition.

The decision to change the rule of defending the title was guided by a decision to align the competition with best practices in the global entertainment industry, where the reigning monarch is not obligated to defend their title.

We believe that this approach facilitates the emergence of new talent and benefits the overall growth of the industry. In addition, we believe that it also gives the defending champion the leeway to schedule their seasons in the most beneficial manner for their individual careers and professional obligations. In this sense, the organization does not want to lock winners into the mandatory dedication of time and resources towards participating in the competition.

Speaking on the matter, Chairman Peter Scoon said “It shouldn’t be a chore, but a choice. Artistes should be free to decide if they are motivated to compete or not.” Patrons are encouraged to visit our website or Facebook page.